Wednesday, February 03, 2010

101 Pimlico Road , London

101 Pimlico Road occupies the site of one of Chelsea's famous Italian restaurants, La Fontana and most recently Vivezza. La Fontana established in the 60's attracted a slighter older segment of the Chelsea set and was famous for it's seasonal truffle menus. It was therefore no surprise to spot one of London's Truffle purveyors, Alfredo pop in and have a chat with Keith Goddard the Head Chef at 101. In fact I actually smelt him before I saw him as, his leather "man bag" was full of Tuber's.

I first met Keith Goddard during his stint at O'Shea's Knightsbridge where he spent a year learning about top class meat from an 8th generation butcher and his father. When you consider how much poor quality meat is served in London restaurants of all types one can only hope other aspiring and even established chefs consider investing time and effort understanding key elements of their supply chain. It was actually at O'Shea's of all places that Keith produced simply the best Chocolate Brownie I have ever had.

Keith is still in his late twenties,and a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York. He has since developed his skills in a couple of start up restaurants in NYC then at Oliver Peyton's The Wallace and with Tom Aikens eponymous restaurant in Chelsea.

Will Guess who now owns and runs Rowley's in Jermyn Street (after taking over from his father) is the main investor and with Keith running the kitchen we have one of London's youngest teams to launch a new restaurant.

My original plan was to visit 101 with one of Keith's mentors but for various reasons this was not possible. The restaurant is still less than 3 months old and after some teething problems front of house the operation seems well set to support the beautifully executed food.

On my most recent visit with my wife for lunch we both had a really light and subtle confit of salmon served with a truffled egg.

My main of Battered Cod with truffle chips , spinach and lemon beurre blanc was a revelation. My wife adored her lobster and octopus salad made with the freshest leaves and herbs I have tasted for some time , in fact she was positively reluctant to let me taste.

Both deserts ; Crème Brulée with cinnamon shortbread and Chocolate Tart with peanut butter ice cream sprinkled with Maldon Salt were exemplary.

We drank a decent Pouilly Fume "Des Coques" 2007 .

My only quibble in fact is the wine list that though well chosen is rather limited in numbers and choice of wines but I'm assured this is a work in progress and a more extensive wine list is being developed.

101 Pimlico road is a welcome addition to both the area and the London restaurant scene .

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Tim said...

What a great restaurant! I took my children here for a Saturday brunch, and was simply amazed by the quality of the food. It was so good, we returned that Sunday! 101 Pimlico Road is a welcome addition to the area, and a 'must visit' for any passing locals.

Anonymous said...

Love 101 - I keep going back for the cod & truffle chips and also the flank steak (the madiera sauce is sensational!). There's a lovely buzz and a great front of house team who ensure you want for nothing. Id highly reccommend their Sunday menu too, simply 3 types of roast and a delicious selection of starters and puddings. Wash down with the Berrys house red. Heaven.

Anonymous said...

living the in area have eaten here a couple of times over the past few weeks. good to see the place getting the praise it deserves. Really good food, and very impressive menu. Will return soon.

KM said...

I have now been to 101 Pimlico Road twice since it opened and thoroughly enjoyed both the food and the atmosphere on both occasions. It's always a risk trying a new restaurant but I'm certainly glad I did. The menu is refreshingly eclectic and the Sunday Roast is delicious! I had the beef, followed by the rum and banana creme brulee which in my opinion, in fact in our whole tables opinion, is the perfect combination of ingredients! It's great to see a young management team focus on creating a relaxed and welcoming environment whilst maintaining such a high standard of food. The presentation, style and taste are all reflective of the location but there is a real buzz about the place which makes it that little bit less formal, all of which contribute to a really enjoyable experience. I have my eye on the Rose veal burger for my next visit!

scandilicious said...

Sounds fantastic, shall have to check it out as have good friends who live nearby in Pimlico and will take them next time we meet up. Intrigued by the salmon and truffle pairing and LOVE the sound of that dessert. Am sure we'll be hearing more about young Keith...

Gastro1 said...

Opps some one left a comment asking me what I did if restaurants where bad . Unfortunateley it's evaporated as I was moderating it so very sorry to that person.

It is a very good question I only tend to review, with some notable exceptions ,restaurants I eat in at least 3 times. I also obviously undertake considerable research before going in the first place so I rarely have a below average experience . Saying that I would say about 5 % of the restaurants I eat in don't make it past 1 or 2 visits and I don't bother posting a review.

However I have been known to be very critical about certain establishments in conversations with friends or on Twitter !

Max W said...

I have made it to 101 Pimlico road a whole host of times now and each time i have to force myself to try a different dish from the previous visit as they really do leave a last impression that draws you back for another visit. The 10 hour lamb shoulder and the roast guinea fowl are worth going for alone. Not being a big drinker ive found that the house white is nice enough to accompany my meal. The only thing left to do is head back for one of their Sunday roasts, something that everyone that ive been to the restaurant with so far is also keen to do. Love the pictures in the blog, the food really does taste as good as it looks, well done Keith.

Helen said...

Crikey when I first saw it I thought it was one-0-one in knightsbridge as I was half asleep. Thank goodness it isn't. The place looks right up my street. Your wife's salad sounds amazing! Anything with octopus always has me.

Anonymous said...

I had the most fantastic Rose Veal burger and Sauteed foie gras,lyonnaise onions and french fries. The waiter was very attentive and we were not left wantiong for anything!
I would highly recommend the place and i agree a fantastic addition to Pimlico road.

Laissez Fare said...

Hi Dino,

This sounds like a good find. I will definitely keep it in mind when in the area next time.

Best regards,


gastrogeek said...

Love the ides of truffled chips. How brilliant!

Paunchos said...

Makes me wish I still lived in Pimlico. The area really needed a place like this. Particularly like the look of the salmon confit.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!