Sunday, October 15, 2006

3-5-2 or was it 5-3-2

Steve Mclaren was obviously playing the latter because Gary Neville only passed the ball forward once in the entire match - he does not have the skill or pace to be a wing back whilst Cole saw how slow Jamie Carragher was in a bck 3 that he was in shock for most of the game neither wing back or left back !

In defence of the manager and players they did not have much of a chance to win but could have sneaked a draw. Without Gerrard, Hargreaves and Joe Cole they had little chance of beating a team that has never lost a home international match and easily dealt with Crouch who continues to refuse to jump because he thinks at 6 ft 7 in he does not need too !

The team and manager are now being slaughtered mainly because of crazy expectations . when will fans and media realise England are a tier 2 footballing nation not even knocking on the door of tier 1 to join Brazil , Germany,Argentina and Italy - well behind France and the Netherlands...........