BUSINESS TIES: I have consulted for various companies including : Bauer Consumer Media , Upstream S.A. Worldcom/MCI International, Jersey Telecom, Idesk Group, Absolute Radio, ActiveMedia Technology Ltd ,Picsel Technologies Ltd ,Bristol York, Value Retail and Palringo . I  have held non executive roles with Voipex Ltd ,  Entropy, Six3 and Twizoo . I  was also a co founder/Director of O'Shea's Butchers Ltd and Y1 - I have no equity in either now. I am currently a non executive director at Maltby and Greek.

: None

STOCKS :/Equity: I currently have equity in the following private companies Lingospot Inc ( purchased by Piksel) Corkscrew , Voipex Ltd  and Maltby and Greek.

RELIGION: Since I  sometimes write about religion , you should know that I was baptised Greek Orthodox but raised as , then became Roman Catholic .

POLITICS: I have a degree in Political Science (3 years) and undertook post graduate research in Political Economy for 3 years and was also a Research Fellow for a further year. I would describe myself as a Social Democrat who favours a mixed Economy. I am not a member of any political party.

MEMBERSHIP : I am an Every House member of Soho House and a member of Quo Vadis Members Club in Soho.

SPORT : I have been a fan of Chelsea FC since 1973 and Season Ticket holder since 1998.