Sunday, May 24, 2009


A really great establishment that hit the London restaurant scene in 1997.

Hats off to Sam and Sam Clark who have created an institution.

Serious research , great ingredients and fantastic food beautifully executed covering recipes from southern Spain to Syria via North Africa.

Moro is one of those restaurants I'm always happy to cross London for , it continues to innovate bringing food from nearly all the countries that touch the Mediteranean with an empasis on Southern Spain and North Africa.

I always like to start with a glass of Manzanilla with a couple of Tapas usually some Jamon and Pimiemtos de Padron and then chose from the daily changing menu that always has seasonal meat , fish and vegetables .

Many of the dishes are produced from the wood burning oven or the charcoal grill.

I look forward to another 12+ years of delightful food from this great restaurant.

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