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Freedom for Theo

I have gone on record to say that the River Cafe is vastly overrated and L"Anima is my current favourite Italian in London.

Well Theo Randall now has his own canvas to paint on free from Rosie and Ruthie !

I had a very good meal here last night as a guest of Subterranean.

We both started with the capelletti stuffed with slow roasted veal which was good to the standard found in an average restaurant in say Parma but nowhere near the delights of the Sorelle Picchi in that same fiar city or even an excellent Tortelli stuffed with osso buco a la Milanese that I onCe had a Locanda Locatelli full of flavour, a juicy runny meat and sauce stuffing.

My host had what he desribed as a superb grilled calves liver and I had a truly outstanding Vela Chop topped with porcini and slasa verde.

We shared some fried Zucchini that were good but not as good as those at L'Anima.

We both finished with a truly superb selection of deserts to share - homemade vanila ice cream , pana cotta , lemon tart and chocolate cake - all were really outstanding.

We drank a bottle of Frans Hass Pinot Grigio form Alto Adige and ended with a glass of Sweet Asti.

Perhaps because the retaurantis in a major international hotel it tries to please people with eclectic tastes hence some great Italian wines are conspicous by their absence eg. Passito di Pantelleria one of the worlds top dessert wines.

L'Anima remains my favourite Italian in London !

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Sunday, February 15, 2009