Friday, May 20, 2005

Chelsea: We are the Champions by Mark Radcliffe

An excellent well balanced view on the Mighty Blues written by a fan.

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Traditional Advertising : Is the writing on the wall ?

What is evident in the 21st Century is that certain big changes in consumer behaviour facilitated by access to information/knowledge and technology are now visible. Perhaps one of the most relevant is that mass marketers faced with fast changing technologies and attitudes are being forced to abandon the traditional and comfortable push model in favour of a consumer – controlled pull model, in effect moving from intrusion to invitation.

Has Trevor Beattie considered by many to be the greatest Creative working London seen the writing on the wall ?

The converging of Marketing Services with Entertainment/Content or Commerce and Content is well established and documented recntly by Scott Donaton.

“Content creators and brand marketers will have to choose partners and projects carefully. Integration will have to be subtle and seamless, and appear natural to the audience. Those integration efforts that are forced will stand out like sore thumbs and be rejected. Those that work will begin with the consumer in mind and with the goal of creating compelling content, but will still manage to meet the needs of both the advertiser and the creators of content. “1

1.Madison & Vine: Why the Entertainment and Advertising Industries Must Converge to Survive. Scott Donaton. McGraw Hill, NY, NY, 2004 p 182.