Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mrs Gastro's Allotment in mid Summer

Mrs Gastro1 got her allotment just under four years ago and after a first 12 months of very hard work it began to yield some amazing fruit and vegetables.

After much trial and error Mrs Gastro1 has worked out what grows well and now our family is getting superb fruit and vegetables grown without any pesticides whatsoever ( not the case with certified organic ) just good old fashioned horse manure and organic slug pelets not to mention hard work dedication and planning.

Over the last 6 weeks we have had first class berries ( Tayberries , Loganberries , Blueberries and Yellow and Red Raspberries) yellow and green courgettes and French beans , Rocket , Escarole , Radicchio di Treviso , Potatoes , Broad Beans,Leeks ,Peas , Spinach , Swiss Chard, Artichokes , Wet Garlic , Rhubbard , Red Currants , Black Currants and Gooseberries.

We estimate that in at least 8 months of the year we get over 60 % of our fruit and vegetables from the allotment on any given week. The goal is to reach 80% ! And boy do things taste better when you have just picked them.

Another benefit has been the gastronomic education of our two sons who of course have been involved in growing fruit and vegetables and eat absolutely everything with great gusto.

I would recommend my fellow Londoners to get on a waiting list, the hard work really pays off !