Monday, May 25, 2009

Lunch @home May 25th 2009

I picked up some hand carried 36 month old Parmigiano form Azienda Brugnoli in Vischetto (Makers of the World Champion Parmabio in 2006), Black Pig Salami and Culatello di Zibello this morning from a friend who returned from Parma last night.

Antipasti sorted and I used the Parmigiano on my primo of Steamed Evesham Asparagus , Tomatoes from Provence sprinkeld with Gold Label Balsamic vinegar and Seggiano 2008 harvest Virgin Olive Oil

Main course is my Italo/Greek fusion dish - a kind of "Giouvetsi" but dare I say better - using Jack O'Shea's Yorkshire Shoulder of Spring Lamb , Orchiette from Pulgia tossed in meat jus and San Marzano Tomato based sauce.

Cheese course - well when you have "King" as good as the Parmabio 36 month , one cheese is enough - matched the 1996 Barolo very well.

Desert - Mrs Gastro was in overdive today and she made an Apple and Blackberry Pie as well as a Victoria Sponge for the little Gastro bambinos. Both served with Jersey Double Cream as we are all watching our weight.


Terra Serena Prosecco - Gift
Corderro di Montezemolo Barolo Vigna Enrico V1 1996 - Last Drop Wines Ltd
Diamante d’Almerita 2005 from Tasca d’Almerita - Last Drop Wines Ltd.