Friday, May 08, 2009

La Tupina

Jean Pierre Xiradakis should be awarded the Legion D'Honneur and tout de suite - his contribution to France and the world is far greater than Nicholas Sarkozy another Frenchman with some Greek blood.

Superb foie gras cooked many ways - Côte de boeuf grilled on an open fire and served with potatoes fried in goose fat - get the picture + superb wine list that suits all budgets with wonderful Bordeux fron exceptional cru bourgeois to the first growths.

The cooking of the French Sud Ouest is beautifully captured here and its worth flying to Bordeaux just to eat here !

Along with L'Ami Louis in Paris I dream of this place when I need a fix of this type of honest and hearty cuisine.
6 porte de la monnaie, 33800 Bordeaux
+33 5 56 91 56 37