Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fisher's for top Fish and Chips

It's so difficult to find good Fish and Chips in London in fact I struggle to name more than 4 places that are genuinely good.

The Rock and Sole Plaice and Sea Shell are really not very good any more.

This shop has been a chippy for over 30 years but about 8 years ago the Fisher twins took it over.

Fishers was sold about 18 months ago and the owner did not find suitable management to run it so standards went down.

The new owner has managed to bring Dan Fisher back who runs a tight ship and normal service has been resumed.

Currently I would rate the Cod and Chips here as being as good as anywhere in London.

The fish is always fresh and well sourced, cooked in good oils in a simple "Golden Sheaf" batter mixed with water. As Dan says he'd rather drink the beer.

The menu is extensive and fish is also available steamed and grilled for those who do not want to opt for classic English Fish and Chips.

The staff are very friendly and believe in getting to know their customers which probably explains why there are lots of loyal regulars who are not just local but are prepared to travel for good Fish and Chips.

Mrs Gastro and children visit every week en route to the scouts !

In fact Tom who runs the front of the very small sit down restaurant has the patience of a Saint. On a recent visit I watched him handle a very eccentric and drunk gentleman with wonderful tact and good humour.

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