Thursday, May 26, 2005

Communities Dominate Brands

For those who still stick to their knitting in terms of their Marketing Communications approach I recommend you read Communities Dominate Brands:Business and Marketing Challenges for the 21st Century by Tomi T Ahonen and Alan Moore published by futuretext Ltd March 2005.

The book covers digital communities such as bloggers, moblogging, videogamers, virtual worlds and MMOGs, and of course mobile phone "smart mobs." There are over 100 real business examples and over a dozen case studies. It is the first practical business book on digitally connected communities. The authors introduce several theories and concepts, including the Connected Age, the Four C's, and next class of consumers, called Generation-C for Community.

Tomi Ahonen is very much an evangelist on skates but despite this and some hype I think this is a valuable contribution to helping us understand the shift in power from Brands and Content Owners to the consumer and digitally connected communities.

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