Sunday, May 24, 2009


A really great establishment that hit the London restaurant scene in 1997.

Hats off to Sam and Sam Clark who have created an institution.

Serious research , great ingredients and fantastic food beautifully executed covering recipes from southern Spain to Syria via North Africa.

Moro is one of those restaurants I'm always happy to cross London for , it continues to innovate bringing food from nearly all the countries that touch the Mediteranean with an empasis on Southern Spain and North Africa.

I always like to start with a glass of Manzanilla with a couple of Tapas usually some Jamon and Pimiemtos de Padron and then chose from the daily changing menu that always has seasonal meat , fish and vegetables .

Many of the dishes are produced from the wood burning oven or the charcoal grill.

I look forward to another 12+ years of delightful food from this great restaurant.

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Anonymous said...

I've got the Moro cookbook at home and have been wanting to go to their restaurant ever since it opened. I bet it all takes so much better from a proper wood-burning oven! This brilliant review has made me finally pick up the phone and make that reservation :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, I meant "tastes" not "takes". (I'm clearly far too excited at the prospect of actually eating there)

Gastro1 said...

Thanks for stopping by.

This may seem a bit strange but if you missed this documentary by Rageh Omar a few years ago please try and catch it somehow.

I have been lucky enough to have travelled and of course eaten in most of the great Islamic empire and this brilliantly captures the huge intellectual contribution to Europe.

Viva La Convivencia , boy could the world do with it now :-)