Sunday, December 13, 2009

Franco Manca , Chiswick , London

I have sung the praises of the original Franco Manca in Brixton here and also covered the link between Eco , Franco and Franco Manca here

The new Franco Manca in Chiswick's soft opening was on Saturday December 12 , 2009, 14 days after the amazing oven built by the same Neapolitan artisans used in the Brixton branch was fired up.

The menu and formula here is the same simple 6 pizzas but there are some additions on the wines and beers . An organic Czech Lager and a range of Piedmontese wines from an Organic Wine cooperative.

Today I had another beautiful light sourdough Pizza with tomato , mozzarella and home cured Gloucester Old Spot Ham cooked in 38 seconds in the amazing 500c real wood fired oven !

There are 80 covers in the former Eco site , lovely brown granite tables , charming waiting staff and a wonderful mural from Enzo Apicella who did the same for some of the early Pizza Express restaurants in the 1960's.

By early next year Chiswick and Brixton will be baking 15,000 + Pizzas a month which is good news for lovers of the real thing !

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About Greedy Diva said...

I've been to Franco Manca in Brixton - absolutely love it. Best pizza in London in my view. Looking forward to trying out the Chiswick option.

Gastro1 said...

About Greedy Diva I totally agree and this place has a great advantage apart from more room - no fishmonger next door :-)

scandilicious said...

must try this when I return from my Canarian sojourn! could you please persuade Mr Franco Manca to open one of his epic eateries in Bloomsbury? Chiswick is another country for this WC1 girl ;-)

The Grubworm said...

If only Chiswick weren't the other side of London to me because it sounds like a fantastic pizzeria. I love the idea of Old Spot ham on a pizza, it's a great transferral of the Italian emphasis on regionality to the UK.

Katie Parla said...

Fabulous! Cannot wait to visit this one, too!