Thursday, September 24, 2009

#vongole video 8 : why no cheese ?

In this 8th and final video Francesco Mazzei Chef Patron of the award winning L'Anima in London explains why cheese is not required in this dish.

Pasta has become popular all over the world as has Parmegiano Reggiaono however it is often added to dishes that do not require the addition of any cheese or this particular cheese. Even in Italy other cheeses form the essential ingredients of a specific pasta dish be it Sicilian Ricotta , Mozzarella or one of the many regional Pecorinos. Also many dishes do not need cheese because it's just one ingredient too many and it unbalances the dish by masking or clashing with the main ingredients.


Douglas Blyde said...

There appears to be lightening in the kitchen... Now, how do I go about e-mailing you, Sir?

Unknown said...

I have been directed towards your fabulous blog by the above Douglas Blyde. My name is Alex, and I have a Whisky-related proposal for you.
Please contact me on for further details....


Gastro1 said...

Douglas and Alex thanks for stoping by.

You both now have my contacts.


Amber said...

An excellent point is made in this video. I couldn't agree more. There is cheese on everything these days. A nightmare for those of us who are lactose intolerant and an offense to well-planned dishes.

Gastro1 said...

Hi Amber thanks for stopping by and hope you get a chance to check out all eight short vids on this dish !

The Moon is made of American Cheese right ?

BTW some of the best food I have eaten is in the US of A ?

S said...

when i go to a restaurant and they ask if i would like cheese with my fish-based dish, i know to never, ever go back there again. Chef Mazzei's words are spot on.