Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Best 20 UK Restaurants Outside London 2011

Whole grilled lobster from Newhaven cooked Thermidor style, served with buttered samphire, sea spinach and sauteed squid. The Kitchin , Leith.

Here is the list of of the best restaurants outside London where I live. Generally speaking the quality of sourcing is often higher outside London but service levels can be patchy. The restaurants are not listed in order of preference but I would be happy to travel to all the ones listed for lunch or dinner.

1. The Kitchin. (Tom Kitchin)
2. The Royal Oak ( Dominic Chapman)
3. The Walnut Tree Inn (Shaun Hill)
4. The Fat Duck (Heston Blumenthal)
5. The Waterside Inn (Alain Roux)
6. Martin Wishart
7. The Star Inn (Andrew Pern)
8. Castle Terrace (Dominic Jack)
9. La Bécasse (Will Holland)
10. The Sportsman (Stephen Harris)
11. Nathan Outlaw
12 L'Enclume (Simon Rogan)
13 Restaurant Sat Bains
14 Lanterna Ristorante (Giorgio Alessio)
15 Le Champignon Sauvage (David Everitt-Matthias)
16 Siena Restaurant (Russel Brown)
17 The Elephant (Simon Hulstone)
18 L'Ortolan (Alan Murchison/Nick Chappell)
19 Mr Underhill ( Chris Bradley)
20 The Pipe and Glass (James Mackenzie)

N.B I have not eaten at Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons for 3 years hence it's not on the list .


Duck said...

Have you tried 21212 in Edinburgh? We ate there recently and it has now made its way onto our top ten list.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to any of those, although L'Ortolan is fairly local, must get round to trying it! Would love to try The Fat Duck but it's way out of my price range :(

Gastro1 said...

Duck , have not tried 21212 yet but heard many positive reports so it's on my list.

amateurfoodramblings , have you been to The Royal Oak , Paley St must be near you Dom Chapman is really top notch