Wednesday, June 10, 2009

La Trompette

I have been eating at La Trompette since it opened it's doors about 7 years ago and have always found it to be superior to it's sibblings Chez Bruce and The Glasshouse.

Even though I live nearer to Chez Bruce and enjoy it very much I have never thought it has reached the heights of Harvey's a previous occupier of the premises, when Marco Pierre White was on the stoves assisted by a young whipper snapper, a certain, Gordon Ramsay.

My lunch today confirmed my views. I don't think there is a better price quality ratio Lunch avaialble in the whole of London £23.95 for 3 courses and £19.95 for 2. I guess my companion and I are ideal customers as we spent over 3 times our combined 3 course food spend on excellent wine from the inspired wine list put together by the Sommelier Matthieu Longeure. Each country/region seems to contain one of my favourite winemakers be it Bernard Morey , Paul Draper or Livio Felluga.

We drank :

Chassagne Montrachet 2002, 1er Cru Les Baudines , Bernard Morey
Vosne Romanée 1999 , 1er Cru Les Brûlée , Domaine René Engel
Geweutztraminer 2004 Vendages Tardives , Caves de Turkheim

We both started with a truly wonderful Ravioli of Crab and Scallop with crushed peas and Asparagus with a Shellfish Velouté . This dish was executed perfectly and every ingredient blended in perfectly.

I followed with New Season Roasted Shoulder of Lamb served with mouseline mash, caramelised carrots and a thick reduced jus. Again this was a perfectly executed dish.

My companion had Grilled Calves Liver , Pancetta ,Onion Rings , Potato Gnocchi with a Rosemary and Madeira reduction.

I ended the meal with my old favourite Valrohna Chocolate Marquise with Milk Sorbet , Macademia Nut Praline and Chicory Crème whilst my companion thoroughly enjoyed the (large) Crème Brûlée with Dates and Vanilla.

James Bennington is a truly great Chef and like Bruce Poole has the ability to produce great dishes with the right balance of ingredients . With a great Sommelier and front of house team La Trompette remains one of the best places to eat in London.

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Kavey said...

I dined at La Trompette for the first time just a few months ago. Had an absolutely wonderful evening - great food, excellent professional service. Couldn't have asked for more.

Ate at Glasshouse about 2 weeks later, on a half price offer (given to us whilst at La T). Enjoyed it very much and service and food still excellent but agree that La T just pipped it's sister restaurant at the post.

Gastro1 said...

Thanks for stopping by

Glad to hear you had a good dinner at La T.

All 3 CB , GH and La T are excellent value and worth the trek if they are not in your hood !

Oliver said...

Nice review. If La Trompette is better than Chez Bruce, I'll have to go very soon - CB is one of my favourites in London. Comparing it with Harvey's doesn't really seem fair, though: I don't think Poole has pursued Michelin the way MPW did.

Su-Lin said...

I love La Trompette though the last time was a birthday dinner last year - I need to go again!

Gastro1 said...

Thanks for stopping by

Oliver ,

There is not much between CB and La T just slightly different styles and Chefs. You are right comparing with Harvey's is not fair for me MPW is the greatest British born chef of all time - sad to see he is now promoting Knorr stock cubes :-)

Su -Lin

I hope you do return and Lunch is a good time to go irrespective of the value.

Just Cook It said...

I managed to eat at La Trompette a few times when I lived in Chiswick (and worked about three doors down). Glad to see it is still as good. James is a great chef and a super nice chap to boot.