Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hunan - Mr Peng is the Master

Mr Peng the Chef Patron is a genius who does not compromise on quality. He hails from Taiwan but has been taught to cook superior Pan Chinese cuisine with a focus on Taiwanese versions of the best from mainland China0 by a fellow gastro black belt.
Mr Peng has passed on his knowledge and skills to his son Michael and together with Mrs Peng they run a superb operation.
The food is superb and cooked with a light delicate touch despite the fact that Garlic , Ginger, Chilli and Corriander prevail.
There is a well chosen wine list to compliment the food - try the outstanding Feluga Pinot Grigio.
There are a couple of menus but just ignore them and put yourself in Mr Pengs good hands and he will just keep sending a barrage of small dishes.
Circa £35-£50 per head ex wine depending on how much and what you eat.
If you are looking for the standard Cantonese heavy MSG food with lots of rice and noodles stay clear of this place.

I have been coming here for over 17+ years and highlights include an 11 hour meal - lunch at 1pm blended into dinner and we left at midnight - I blame Dan P for this gastronomic encounter :-)

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e_ting / e 婷 said...

Sounds nice! I just came back from Hunan (the province in China as opposed to the restaurant in London) and quite enjoyed the food, mostly for the fresh produce. Helen at tipped me on this resto and said she was going soon too. I've never had Hunanese food outside of Hunan, so would be nice to compare next time I'm in London! (My Hunan posts are here in case you're interested). Cheers!

Gastro1 said...

Thanks for dropping by.

The Peng's are actually from Taiwan and there are a few Hunanese dishes but generally speaking I would say the food here is very much coked by a maverick who happens to be Chinese and cooks in that tradition - IMHO Mr Peng's food almost transcends his ethnicity and socialisation , he is a true Epicurean !

Oh and by the way have always loved yours and Helen's blogs :-)

Kake said...

Hello! I'm glad you like my photo, but under the terms of the Creative Commons licence you do need to attribute it to me, preferably with a link to the Flickr page (this also benefits other people who might like to use the photo).

I haven't actually made it to Hunan yet, but it's been on my to-do list for ages. Perhaps this year...

Gastro1 said...


Apologies your lovely picture was just a placeholder for my food pictures that turned out badly - I need to get back for another meal soon with a better camera.

Kake said...

No probs. Could you link the attribution to the Flickr page, please?

Gastro1 said...

Kake I have removed the picture now as cannot link to Flickr as am currently in a country where access to that site is totally restricted :-)

Kake said...

Fair enough. Though I did give you the Flickr link in my original comment, so you wouldn't have had to go looking for it on the site.

gastrogeek said...

I am seriously excited about trying this place out - 11 hours?! Surely that's some sort of record! Brilliant write up.